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The Cominel targets for helices shooting are fun and appreciated by amateurs and professionals alike worldwide. Cominel has indeed been chosen as the official supplier of zz bird in the most important international events. The Cominel Helices floats in order to simulate flying pigeons.

Choice of materials and hook design makes the target fragile and the detachment of the witness cap is constant at every launch, thus ensuring a fair and fun competition. The witness cap is always made with quality elastic materials, and, unlike the helix, withstands the shot to be reused several times.

The Cominel targets for helix shooting are approved and used by the Italian FITAV Federation, as well as the international FITASC and FEDECAT Federations. They are patented and exported all over the world.

FITASC-approved Targets
for Helices Shooting.
FEDECAT-approved Targets
for Helices Shooting, ideal for FAN 32.